Edgar and the Dragon

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The Dragon Kingdom has been overrun by shadowy monsters! In their desperation, the dragons send for the only hero brave and clever enough to help them: a young boy named Edgar. Armed with nothing but a couple of tennis balls, the odd vegetable, and a few tricks that he learned in Sunday School, Edgar sets off on a perilous quest to help his scaly friends. But the dark invaders grow more powerful by the minute. Can Edgar and his friends defeat an enemy that no weapon can touch?


In the Fall of 2014 I did a brief stint as Scheherazade. My host family’s two young children had decided not to let me leave for work in the morning. Since between the two of them they were able to cling to both of my legs, this was a serious threat to my career as a youth leader. However, having recently read 1001 Arabian Nights, I came up with a plan. Each night when I got home from work, I would write a chapter of a story. The next morning, I would read this chapter to them at the breakfast table. When the chapter had ended and the children demanded that I read the next one, I could tell them, “Sorry, I haven’t written that part yet. But if you let me get on with my day and go to work, I might have time to write the next chapter tonight. . .” This plan saved my youth ministry career, but it proved disastrous for my weight-gaining ambitions: the kids started pushing me out the door before I could finish eating breakfast.

As other children found the story equally entertaining (and learned the Bible verses in it), I decided to follow a good friend’s advice and self-publish “Edgar and the Dragon” on Amazon.

This series has come to be known and loved by young readers in such far-flung corners of the globe as Sweden, the USA, South Africa and Japan. Here is some fan art from abroad, drawn by two very talented South African children, Jessica (12) and Claire (7):



And here is some more fan art, drawn by a very talented American reader named Theodora (7):


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