Thousandworld Swedish Anthology Contest

Due to covid-related delays and technical issues with a few submissions, the judges need a little more time to finalize the list of winners. We plan to post the winners on Friday, March 4.

Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE 17/1: The deadline is approaching! All submissions must be sent to by February 1. Each submission should be marked with the participant’s name, school year and school. If the participant would like to be anonymous, this should be stated clearly in the e-mail or the file. We prefer to receive all submissions from a teacher, preferably with all submissions from one class sent in the same e-mail conversation. E-mails from individual participants will be accepted but may not receive a response due to high volume of participants.

By submitting a text or illustration to the competition, one gives Stevali kids the right to edit, proofread and translate the submission and to publish it in printed and digital form.

The winners will be announced on on March 4 (new date).

In Thousandworld, everyone has a special “creator talent” — a creative ability that can be used to accomplish great things. This is true in the real world as well, which is why Thousandworld author Joseph A. Davis and Swedish publisher Stevali förlag would like to give you the chance to contribute to the series’ fantasy world with your own talents. In the spring of 2022, Stevali will be publishing a Swedish anthology with a short story by Joseph A. Davis and a collection of Thousandworld-related texts and illustrations by readers in American grades 5-8 or British years 6-9. Would you or your class like to participate? There are three different ways to compete for a chance to become a published Swedish author or illustrator: you can write or draw, or you and your class can think of story ideas.

All texts, pictures and ideas must be submitted by February 1.

All participants must sign up by November 1. (See “Sign up” below for more information and late sign-ups.)

Individual contest #1: Write

Submit one poem or the lyrics to one song, max 300 words (or up to three short texts with a total length of max 300 words) to by February 1. Other kinds of texts, including short stories of up to 2500 words, are also allowed. More details and tips can be found in the “Tips” document that your teacher will receive upon signing you up.

The texts should relate to characters, places, objects or events from Thousandworld. If you choose to write from the perspective of a certain character, please include the character’s name in your e-mail.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

* The text is well-written.

* The author demonstrates an understanding of Thousandworld.

* The instructions have been followed.

Individual contest #2: Draw

Submit up to two black and white illustrations (jpg, png or pdf, maximum size 3 MB per illustration), with titles and short descriptions, to by February 1. The pictures should fit in the frame that is used for illustrations in Adventures in Thousandworld (approximately; illustrations that don’t fit perfectly can be cropped before publication.)

The illustrations should depict characters, places, objects or events from Thousandworld.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

* The illustration makes the viewer feel something.

* The illustrator displays technical skill.

* The instructions have been followed.

Group contest: Think

As a class, submit a list of things that Kasir might have experienced as new and strange when he moved from Thousandworld to our world and began studying at Klippridge School. Explain why these things would be new for him and how he might react to them. Entries are to be sent to by February 1. The best answers will be used in a short story written by the author of the Thousandworld books.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

* The class demonstrates an ability to see things from Kasir’s perspective.

* The class focuses on relevant details

* The instructions have been followed.


Teachers may register their students for the competition by sending an e-mail to with the following information:

1) Name of school, 2) Grade year/Class, 3) Names of all students and the contests they would like to sign up for (they may choose more than one).

For example:

Fantasy School


  1. Joseph — Write and Draw
  2. Arthur — Draw
  3. David — Write.

If a teacher is not available, participants may be signed up by a parent/guardian — in this case, please include a teacher’s e-mail address in your e-mail.

All participants are to be signed up by November 1.

Late sign-ups may be accepted as long as their texts, pictures or ideas are submitted by February 1, but sign-ups too close to this final date may be rejected at the disgression of the judges depending on their workload and availability.

Once your students’ registrations have been processed, you will receive a document with rules and tips.


See for a free pdf of The Darkenstar, a free teacher’s guide with discussion questions and writing activities, or to order a class set of the hardcover book (3.50 GBP or 4.50 USD per book plus shipping for 10+ books). For the duration of the competition, classes that order a class set are entitled to a brief digital question and answer time with the author, free of charge.

Questions? Send them to